Its very heartening that that precious life's very lost due to floods, that have washed away whole villages and widespread area of KP province. But Allah has shown us all that never to take matters in your hand and say things you dont know. Present government has said that the issue of Kalabagh dam is close and no consultations required and hence claiming to be a government which has created atmosphere of consultation! simple bullshit. They say that Nowshera will drown if kalabagh is made. Now Nowsehra has drowned without any kalabagh dam, it would not be the case if there is a dam. The main purpose of dams is to control floods and also to have a water reservior which can be used when there are no rains. But impotent politicians and dumb people were against it that kalabagh serves no purpose and shitty things like that Punjab will take more water and such substandard issues like this. Now Allah has shown them that what purpose the dam can serve. But they will not learn as they are shameless moral bastards.
The casualty figure is in thousands and millions of people are homeless and the President of the country is on a tour. What a pathetic piece of shit he is. I was watching on TV that someone said that he is there so that he can get help, in plain words he can beg. If this is the work of the president than the eligibility for the president should be that he is a beggar and know the techniques to beg and know how and when to beg, but fortunately this president fits in the criteria well.
And why would wanker president zardari visit UK? after PM UK David Cameron remarks? i know that he is a professional "begharat" and has no shame whatsoever, but he is representing the country as unluckily the piece of shit is president of Pakistan. This present setup is not more than a shame, disgrace and embarrassment for whole of the country. But this nation is more disgraceful and pathetic, we have to build this country and stop such a wanker and make them pay for their wrongdoings but we are not a nation and can never be as we dont have the courage and spirit to make this country prosperous.

FAST-NU Islamabad Convocation 2010

It is a matter of utmost shame for the prestigious institution like FAST-NU Islamabad to arrange convocation 2010 with such pathetic arrangements. I cant figure it out that who forwarded such enlightened ideas and who has approved them, as to my understanding a person with a good academic qualification and running such an institute can't approve such pathetic and illogical ideas. But unfortunately the university administration did it. Convocation is an event in which a person is rewarded for his hard work that he has put in all four years during his\her stay in the institute, but FAST administration has made it a business and are trying to make huge profits out of it, so the spirit of convocation is lost at all. If there are limited seats then why not delay it for some time and when weather is pleasant i.e in December then arrange it in the ground where everyone can enjoy the convocation and parents can see such an important moment of their child's life.
Director with such a big heart has taken a decision that both parents can sit in auditorium altogether but due to limited number of seats it will be on first come first get basis. What a pathetic and disrespectful thing, i dont know how this idea has popped up in his head which is empty from inside. I may be rude but i think if they cant respect me and respect my parents then they dont deserve any respect at all. I was disappointed from the university before but now my disappointment has turned into hate and disrespect for the administration and the way things are carried out these days. FAST is a good institution but the university administration is running it unprofessionally and turned it in a business rather than an institution. I have much to say but i guess its more than enough, and i have full confidence that university administration will not consider it disgraceful anyways because they dont have any shame left in them.

Therefore I consider it below my dignity and the dignity of my parents to attend Convocation 2010 of FAST-NU Islamabad

Making a Fool!

The UN commission has presented its report on the Benazir case. Findings of the commission is the biggest joke one can imagine, i can bet that if u walk down the streets and ask a layman or a person who is even not educated can give the same conclusion. The report has put the blame on former government and concluded that not efficient security was provided and so on. Although i am not defending any former government or anyone, but there are some reservations or confusion one can say, i want to clarify. I dont have interest in this topic but i have read some stuff in the updates of my facebook page. A person posted a link from bbc urdu regarding the same report i mentioned before, and wrote that this country is ruled by some other people and they will always rule it, maybe he was signalling towards the establishment and couldnt have the courage to mention its name. Poor fellow doesn't know what he is referring to or what he is accepting, he has affiliation with a political party also and in his ignorance he is accepting that all the political persons(i dont want to call them leaders as they are not worth it) are impotent and dont have the capability nor courage to fight with the forces(which he was referring to), why the establishment is a strong force in this country? the answer is simple that our political personalities are very weak and are not capable of leading and have no right to call themselves as leaders. There are always hardships and forces that are acting against a person to deviate him from the goal, but it exposes the capability of a person to fight with those forces and hence achieve a goal. I want to quote two examples, one is of our great Quaid who had struggled throughout his life and fought with the forces opposing him and in the end he has achieved his goal and beaten the forces opposing him and making hurdles in his way, and he was victorious at the end because of his determination, courage, and capability of being a great leader. ‘Few individuals significantly alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. Muhammad Ali Jinnah did all three.’ - Stanley Wolpert. Not a single political personality exists who can be compared with a legendary personality of Quaid-e-Azam, although putting pictures of a person instead of Quaid doesnt make him/her a leader or a hero, neither do putting pictures on coins or currency do. Because the true leader always lives in heart of people and doing things like renaming roads, buildings etc are acts of forcing a personality on the people. The second example is Nelson Mandela also known as "Madiba" his clan name, he was the freedom fighter and has spent 27 years in prison, it was a real prison not prisons in Pakistan where a political person gets five star hospitality in the prison. Madiba also faced many difficulties when he was in ANC and many forces were working against him and many times he was banned to speak at public gathering or leave the city. But he has fought with the forces instead of self exiling himself as the so called "leaders" of our country Pakistan do.
Political personalities in Pakistan instead of crying and creating a hype that the forces are working against them and bullshit stuff like that, why dont they fight them and emerge as a winner as do the two great leaders quoted in above paragraph did? the answer is simple that the so called "leaders" of Pakistan are corrupt, dishonest, selfish, and dont possess the capability to be a leader because everyone inherits the "leadership", and "leadership" is not inherited, if it was then the sons of Quaid-e-Azam, Nelson Mandela, George F. Kennedy etc would be the leaders also.
There are different theories regarding assassination of Benazir Bhutto, but i have some queries. Why would a person comes out of her car which is bullet proof? and if she does is it a security lapse? or an ignorance on part of a person coming out of a bullet proof vehicle? now some people say that she came out because she was peoples leader and want to wave, then if thats the passion of a leader then why would she using a bullet proof vehicle? and if one is using a bullet proof vehicle then she should be inside it and there is no point of waving after a gathering you have just addressed. Second is that Rehman Malik is the chief security officer of benazir, and according to Naheed Khan and safdar Abbasi, Rehman Malik, Babar Awan were in the backup vehicle and when the blast occured there was no vehicle to take Benazir to hospital, where are the backup vehicles gone? to zardari house. Backup vehicle means that it should be behind a main vehicle and would be used if there is emergency or the main vehicle is not able to move etc. Then why on that day the backup vehicle was not behind and what was it doing in zardari house? i may be ignorant but the duty and responsibility of security officer is to look after the security and be with a person for which one is working. And how come he is not present or nowhere near the scene? he was so far that he has not heard the explosion as was said by him in the interview. And if he had heard it why he hasn't stopped? then why the post-mortem was not conducted? as was said by zardari that he has not allowed it..why?
The rule of impartial inquiry is that neither do the accused and the victim influence the inquirers. The government is of victim so why do i believe that it is a fair inquiry? and the government has stopped the commission to make the findings public as was stated by the commission. And zardari has said that he knows the name of killers, then why to spend nations time and money on the thing he already knows? and what a leader would one be if one doesn't believes in his own country and being the President of a country and having all the resources at his disposal cannot investigate about his wife's death? shame for him and for all the people who call him a "leader" and are disgracing the word "leader" by attributing him to it.
There are many more questions that needed to be asked but the questions posed above are first to be cleared. The present set up(government) can make "jialas" a fool which they are making uptill now, but i am not a "jiala" and neither my eyes are closed that i cant see the things clearly myself.